Lesson 3

Playing on Three Strings

Skipping Song (traditional)

& Frere Jacques (French trad)

In this lesson, we will use two songs, a traditional Southern folk song from the Civil War, Skip To My Lou,and a traditional French melody, Frere Jacques.

This way, we will add the third string to your expertise.

In the new format, this is written

1st ----------0--|------------1--|---------0--|---0-1-0-----------| 

2nd -1---1--1----|-3--0--3--3----|-1---1--1---|-3--------3---1--1-|

3rd ---0---------|---------------|----0-------|-------------------|

This song should be played with the pointer finger playing the 1ís and the ring finger playing the 3ís. Notice in the 4th measure, that the 1, 0, and the 1 are bunched together.This is a way to indicate a quicker pace (itís actually a triplet; that is, three notes getting one beat.)

This song should be played with the middle finger taking the 3's, the pointer finger playing the 2's on the low parts. On the higher runs, slide up the neck and play the 5's with your ring finger and the 7's with your pinky (L on the diagram).

Practice Protocol

By now, you should be playing all all tunes each session. This should be about 10 minutes per day, every day. You will make progress at a rate of 1 time per week.

Progress is then, algebraic...3 times faster for 2 times per week...5 times faster for three times. I know...get off your back, already...

Let's just have some fun and make some music...

Remember to keep your thumb against the back of the neck
and not your palm.


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