Easiest Guitar System EVER

Lesson 4

Adding Simple 4 String Chords

When I wrote this book, (1976) tabulature was in it's infancy. We put the numbers in the spaces. This became known as the "Nashville"tabs. They are still used in banjo and steel guitar books. Today, we use "International Standard" tablature. This is where the formatis to place the fret numbers right on the string.


1st -----0----

2nd -----1---- pointer

3rd -----0----

4th -----2---- middle finger

5th ----(3)--- ring finger

6th ----------

I would like for you to play the "C" chord playing the 1 with your pointer, the 2 with your middle, the 3 using your ring.

For grins, I have decided to include the artwork on chord structuring from the 4th edition (hey!...I worked HOURS on this stuff...) AND aren't the colors pretty.

But, for the new songs and lessons that will be included, I will be using the new tabulature formats. Hey...I'm not stupid. It's waaaaay easier to use the new format on the HTML pages. This process will go much quicker now.

Remember to keep your thumb against the back of the neck and not your palm.

here is the old artwork from Version IV.

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