Titling Your Work Welcome to:

by r.a."Ben" Miller,BS, RTT

Rossford, Ohio

You have less than a second to catch the eye of the buying public with a title. If it is too long, they will run out of interest RAM before they have made it across the title.
Let's talk about audience fatigue. It can have started before you got there. If you offer something they've already had ...this built in IRAM chip inside their head shuts down their interest and moves them to the next thing.
Man...that's immature behavior...you say!
So...deal widdit! If you are trying to sell a piece on a topic that is being worked on by half the world population...try and get a slant that they don't have.

Two watch words:
  • keep it short
  • make it hot

    Nuff said

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    Text by radMaster Ben Revised -- 9/29/97