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Harp-Boy Todd or
that guitar playin' Blues Preacherat his office
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Rossford, OH 43460
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THEO RANE has a feisty, loud form of worship built around 4 voices and 4 writers. We call our form of prayer a Spirit Feast.

Seek a spirit feast near you.

CD List:

Our first album is called, Good and Faithful Servant. It was released in 1996.

The second CD, To Be Continued...Theo Rane Live... was released in 1998 and re-released in 2000 with 3 new tunes and we keep getting air play.

In Jan, 2001, we are finishing our 3rd CD of Christian music,Rhythm 2 This Life . It contains two songs from The Great Bear, our old bass player.

The rest of the tunes were written by Ben or Todd.

Cindy has just written her first tune and we are looking foreward to more in the future.

The players are:

Ben "Blues Preacher" Miller, lead guitar

Todd "T-Boy" Gagne, harp, guitar

Matt Currier or Jonathan French on bass,

Rick "Pocket Rocket" Ryan, drums,

Cindy Oberhouse vocals, keys.

Each has their own walk with God evidenced by the variety of songs that God has given us to play.

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