Troop 43 was founded in 1925 at Maple Street School. We have enjoyed a long life, 4 generations of service, duty, and honor to our community.

Our boys have become policemen, teachers, the last 2 mayors, our last fire chief, fire fighters and dads.

We have morethan 5 current scouter/leaders who were in this troop as boys. It is important to the boys that a sense of continuity be shown by these dads to the values and lifestyle embodied by Boy Scouting throughout it's history. Duty, honor, and FUN...
that's they reason we're


In the last year and a half, we have have had 6 boys make the rank of Eagle Scout. The first three boys transferred in from other packs and troops. We were glad to get them and honored that they chose to finish their Eagle trails with us.

The last three boys started as Cubs and have only worn 43 as their number.

They are:

  1. Scott Palowski 2000 still an Assistant SM with the troop.
  2. Ben Stein 2001. He is attending college and lives in Columbus
  3. Josh Smith 2001 attends Owens College and is ASM with T43 and is a Fire Explorer with Rossford's FD.
  4. Keefe Snyder III 2002. He is ASM and Venture Crew and Fox Fire. He attends UT as an Engineering student.
  5. Matthew Miller 2002 He attends Owens College. He is Troop Guide for the T-2-1's and a member of Venture Crew.
  6. Phil Gwiner is waiting for confirmation from Texas as of 10/14.

    All Praise to God for our leadership team in 2002:

    1. Keefe Snyder II ScoutMaster(since 98)
    2. Ben Miller, Unit Commissioner, Chaplain, District Chaplain
    3. Cindy Reiter, Committee Chair
    4. Randy Smith, Advancement Chair
    5. Danny Craig, Chief Cook and Bottle washer
    6. "Big Ed" Fuller, COR, Catholic Chaplain (two God and Service medals from the Catholic Diocese)

      Saturday 10/12/02, we gave out 98 merit badges. We had 21 boys advance in rank (one to Eagle)and a great party was had by all at "Snyderstock 2002" Fall Troop & Pack Camporee.

      We are a praying troop. We gave out another God & Country knot last Saturday at our fall Court of Honor. 24 of 28 boys were allowed to stand up with Hammoudi Saleh as he became the 25th with his Bis'M'Allah (praise be to God-(Muslim)) award.

      Let us help you. Prayer requests and Praise reports are sent to our Protestant Chaplain: Ben Miller

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