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HS opening for ELI 10/00

New Song
New Song is a mellow, rhythm & blues based acoustic band from the Toledo, Ohio area.

We play and sing sweet praises to God in local churches and coffee houses.

In the summer, we play outside as a rock band called Catfish Creek. We play city, church, and county fairs and church festivals. We will end the outdoor season this year at the Black Swamp Blues Festival and Contest.

MEET New Song

Ben Miller hails from Chicago and other Army brat stops. He is the lead singer and lead guitarist specializing a Gospel blues genre.

Ben is a computer geek and currently works out of Bryan Ohio. From 94~96, he took the "Methodist Course of Study."(the non-seminary road to a pulpit.)

From 96~98, he was the "Lay-Local" Pastor of Maplewood UMC until it closed.

Ben writes sci-fi short stories novels, technical pieces and instruction manuals. His latest work is, "The Watcher." He is in the process of publishing to the web the 25th Anniversary Edition of his guitar book, The Easiest Guitar System... Ever! Opus 5; the 25th Anniversary Edition.

But, his first love and main ministry is music. In the mellow mode, he plays a 1969 Gibson "Country Gentleman" six string. (one owner...me)

In a rock mode, he plays a 1973 Fender "Stratocaster" through a Marshall amp or a Line6 POD. He has been playing for more than 30 years in many genres and has toured and jammed with the best that ever were. His new favorite toy is a recording studio. He is recording or re-recording every song that he ever wrote. In '03, He has placed 27+ songs on several mp3.com sites (Rockin Roy, Honkey Tonk Gypsy Band, Theo Rane, HISong...)Each site will have the various genres covered

Cindy O can sing with the best. She also plays keyboards and guitar. She has performed for many years with lots of styles and genres. She has added her own songs to the band's repertoire and we are looking forward to more original works from her.

Cindy is a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Ricky "Pocket Rocket" Ryan hails from Toodleedoo, Ohio. He plays drums, kungas, and other rhythm type trap stuff. He lives with his family in Waterville, Ohio.

Matt Currier is from Rossford. He is our bass player. He is 18 and very busy working, going to college, and a couple of rock bands.

Click here to see more stuff about the band and our last CD, called Rhythm 2 This Life at Kerry Clark's studio.. We just finished recording in April, 2000.

Post production is supposed to end 8/01. We hope to make these songs available early March, 2001.


Email the ol' Catfish at the home site.

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