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Rossford, Ohio

Hi...Vilkommen...Bien Venu... Welcome

My guitar player friend's (and the Toledo Blade...) call me the BluzPreacher.

My diver friends call me the "ol' Catfish."

I have a bunch of stuff goin' on in my life...

This page is an attempt to tie together this sprawling complex of a web site

I play guitar and sing either solo or with some players in a couple of bands. It depends on the needs of the venue.
Here are some of the pix of my bands,Catfish Creek Band, can be either an electric blues/rock set up or an acoustic blues/gospel group.

I opened a studio in 2002 called Spirit Feast Records. In 2004,we have completed the newest CD, "Old School". Now, (05), we are working on "Howlin' Moon Tonight!"

AND...a series of new praise type tunes under the working title of "Suffer the Children." These tunes are commissioned from my new church in Sylvania, Ohio.

"Old School" is made up of truly old songs (some as far back as 1969 thru 83 or so...) I am having too much fun with these two projects.

We are very busy this winter playing a fine drinking establishments. Next summer is starting to fill in with singing at Relay for Life (I think we are doing about 7 of them,)blues and country festivals, and county fairs, biker runs, our favorite diving hole (Portage Quarry), yadda yadda, yadda. We be jammin, mon!

In 2003, I started scuba diving. I got in 16 dives my first summer (mostly at Gilboa Quarry, but, with one set of dives off Key Largo {Christ statue, barracudas, Tiger Rays...} and some dives with Manatee in the Crystal River in North FLA). In May of 04, I dove at Lake Tahoe (7100' up and 50 feet down). As winter 05 abates, I cant wait to get my gear wet.

If you are a NW Ohio diver, I would like an email to solve my continuous search for a buddy. I have 3 tanks now, so I am hoping get my 50 dives in this summer and finish the tests for a "B" card.

In 1999, I went to my first Reiki Circle or "share". I have since gotten attuned to Level I, which I studied for about two years (ya know...chakras...energy...there's a lot to learn.)This year for my birthday, I was attuned to Level 2. As The tooltime guy says, "More Power!!!" I kid, but this stuff is very serious to me and my friends. I have contributed to a growing healling ministry in our church.

I tried my hand at preachin'... It was great and very frustrating work. I made a page for my first pulpit, Maplewood United Methodist Church I will always love those people and the work we did there 1996-98. I may preach again, but, I'm in no hurry.

I am currently working as one of the musicians at a new, little church that is just starting in Sylvania, OH.

Keep those Prayer Requests or Praise reports coming. I will join my prayer field to yours.

Nameste'...God Bless!
Ben Miller

Revised 2/6/05