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me just playin around

My name is Ben Miller.
Since I hate shoes, my friends call me "Barefoot Benny."
I am a singer, songwriter, teacher, and guitarist.

I am also a scuba diver (mostly in quarries in NW Ohio), a dad, and a writer of both fiction and non-fiction.

Mostly, I play alone or in small acoustic groups. When I need a band, I play with a band called the Beaver Brothers. I play lead, vocals, 10 string pedal steel guitar (3 pedals, 3 knees-E9th tuning). The acoustic guitars that I play are:

a 1969 Gibson J-50 6 string acoustic named "Hermione",

an Oscar Schmidt Resonator 6 string named "Blackie",

an Ovation 6 string acoustic tuning,

a Rogue Resonator, named "Little Red,"

A mandolin

and blues harps.

I write all of the original tunes and create the arrangements for the covers that we do so that we are not always doing the same thing.

The bass player is Matt "Muff" Gring. He is the resident electronic genius that keeps all our amps working.

Since the winter of 03, we have been the house band for a place called Rick's in Northwood, Ohio. We used this time to record audio and video data. We have compiled a nice little DVD and a new CD. Both are called "Live at Rick's04" We have released a CD, "Old School" in 2005. We are completing, an acoustic set called "Unplugged" for 2006.

If you want to read some of my work, there are several choices


The 6th edition of this collection was released in 2007..

click here for some sci-fi short stories. I have a few of them published here on my site.

Our music is currently on http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/BeaverBrothers

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